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Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Lëtzebuerg started

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The launching event of the “Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Lëtzebuerg (DSJC-L)”, organized and moderated by the “Luxembourg Institute for Digital Training (LIDIT)”, a dedicated unit for ongoing digital trainings of the Competence Center ICT, took place on May 29, 2017.


The event, which attracted around 800 guests throughout the day, was a complete success. This mainly because three ministers, Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, Minister of Education Claude Meisch and Labor Minister Nicolas Schmit, demonstrated their sustained commitment to a targeted digitalization of the economy and society of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg by their personal participation in the opening press conference, attended by also by Prof. Marc Ant (CC-ICT) and Claudine Kariger (SMC).

Around 400 participants greeted the Keynote Speech of Prime Minister Xavier Bettel in the afternoon and followed with great interest the roundtable moderated by Prof. Dr. Marc Ant. Participants in the panel discussion were Claude Meisch (Minister of Education and Youth), Romain Schmit (FDA), Claudine Kariger (SMC), Isabelle Schlesser (Adem), Jean-Paul Hengen (Luxinnovation) and Nico Binsfeld (HoT).

Lucien André Reuter, project manager at LIDIT, led the day. He succeeded in winning top decision makers of important international ICT players such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft, to name only the largest, for the Launching Event of the DSJC-L.

As in the rest of Europe, the digital economy is growing at an unprecedented speed in Luxembourg. For the Grand-Duchy to maximize its opportunities, the education and training system must make available the required skills to the labor market at all levels.

To tackle the lack of digital skills in Europe, the European Commission launched the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition to encourage Member States to solve this problem by rallying public and private actors in digital skills and jobs coalitions on a national level.

Developing a digital talent pool is crucial for the Digital Single Market, for European competitiveness and for our digital society to remain inclusive.

Luxembourg is therefore proud to have launched its Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Lëtzebuerg as an open network of all public and private stakeholders active in the promotion of digital skills in Luxembourg. They are encouraged to join the National Coalition to address the digital skills gap. In line with the Digital Lëtzebuerg initiative, the National Coalition focuses on all aspects of digitalization of our economy and society and strives to develop concrete measures through active involvement in order to bring digital skills and competences to all levels of the economy and society and to share best practices.

Prime Minister Xavier Bettel

Minister of Education Claude Meisch

Labor Minister Nicolas Schmit

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This year too, Luxembourg will again participate in the International Computer and Information Literacy Study (ICILS).

IEA ICILS measures international differences in CIL and computer use in Grade 8 (or its national equivalent) students. It also collects information about contexts (at the student, school and system level) in which CIL is developed.

Find more Informations here: ICILS

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Survey about IT training courses offered in Luxembourg

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What is your opinion about IT training courses offered in Luxembourg? Please participate in a brief survey in order to help us to better understand your demands. It only takes two minutes.
Link: Survey about IT training

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CeBIT 23.03.2017

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The “Enterprise Europe Network-Luxembourg de la Chambre de Commerce du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg” invites you to visit of CeBIT, on the right side you will find every information you need.

About the CeBIT:
“The ongoing trend toward digitalization in all areas of economic activity poses new challenges for companies and employees across a number of sectors. Held over four days, the Digital Summits will focus on solutions for one main sector or topic area each day. The format includes keynote addresses plus multiple workshops, where participants can share their experiences and discuss ideas, opportunities, challenges and current best practice. Each summit will have 150 – 200 participants. As well as the formal program, there will be ample opportunity for informal networking and expert dialogue. The Digital Summits will be held in Hall 8 near the CeBIT Global Conferences and will run from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily. ”
Source: Digital Summits



  • Big Data & Business Intelligence
  • Business Electronics & Equipment
  • Business Security
  • Communication & Networks
  • Datacenter Infrastructure
  • Digital Office – ECM/Input/Output
  • ERP & HR Solutions
  • Internet of Things
  • Marketing & Sales Solutions
  • Planet Reseller
  • POS & Banking Solutions
  • Public Sector Parc
  • Research & Innovation
  • Unmanned Systems & Solutions
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality

Date: 23.03.2017
Start  05:45 Airport Luxembourg
End +/- 21:00


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National coalition launch planning

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It is the 31.01.2017, 10:00 clock, the first guests roll along in the Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg. Today it is all about establishing a “National Coalition” with the aim of bringing together authorities, business, universities, research, education and training, the Chambers and, of course, everyone involved in the labor market.

Many guests from the “Business, Sciences and Government Institution” (EU O-Ton) had followed the invitation. The curiosity and the interest of all participants in the subject of digital skills & jobs was clearly felt, a lot of good ideas were collected and interesting and dedicated discussions took place.

Among other things it was proposed to offer workshops at the launch event of the National Coalition with the aim of creating a clear added value for the visitors, in addition to the interesting speeches by Xavier Bettel and Thierry Geerts (Google).

At the beginning of the presentation, led by the LIDIT project manager Lucien André Reuter, Nico Binsfeld, CEO of the House of Training, summarized the status quo of the project. Highlighting the fact that due to its own national commitment Luxembourg is now playing a vital role in the EU-wide project of mobilizing and activating digital competences and jobs and will thus also enjoy greater visibility in Brussels. Nico Binsfeld and Marc Ant also pointed out the present study e-Skills and Claudine Kariger (Digital Lëtzebuerg) assured the support of her house.

An important item on the agenda was the naming of the Luxembourg National Coalition. It was quickly agreed on the name

Digital Skills Coalition Lëtzebuerg“.

This is to highlight the affiliation to the EU’s Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, as well as the reference to the country of Luxembourg and the focus on the improvement of digital competences in order to increase quality both in the private and in the professional

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Something for the younger and the young at heart – Super Mario is back

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It’s-a me, Mario!

Remember the little plumber with a red hat?

Mario is the protagonist of the highly successful Mario franchise. Created by Shigeru Miyamoto and first appear in 1981.


Super Mario Run the first mobil game with Mario from Nintendo will be available this December.

First on the App Store.

„Der App Store hat viele Dinge in unserem Leben verbessert – wie wir kommunizieren, wie wir arbeiten und wie wir uns amüsieren“, so Tim Cook, CEO von Apple. „Aber für Spieler aller Altersstufen hat ohne Mario immer etwas gefehlt, weshalb wir uns sehr freuen, dass Nintendo ihn nun im Dezember zum ersten Mal auf iOS bringt.“

Tim Cook Also Tweeted:


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Today the latest Version of THE e-SKILLS MANIFESTO has been released

“Europe is at a critical juncture, faced as it is with a growing gap between the demands for digital transformation on the one hand, and the skills, know-how and capability of the workforce on the other. To harness the potential of new technologies, and to keep pace with global competition, Europe urgently needs to build an eSkilled workforce. Working together, industry, education and government have the power to ensure long term action and success that will deliver jobs, competitiveness and growth.

The e-Skills Manifesto is a blueprint for making this happen. Now in its fifth edition, the Manifesto is based on a broad cross-section of perspectives and is a must-read for those that have a stake in acquiring, nurturing and retaining eSkilled talent in the 21st century. The latest Manifesto includes a special introduction by Xavier Niel, Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of 42 Schools, and contributions from a cross section of e-Skills experts. While new, it complements the Manifestos that precede it.”

  • Reflections and lessons from the eSkills campaign
  • T-shaped skill set and mindset
  • Digital skills in the United States
  • A new geography of talents
  • Joining forces to strengthen the ICT workforce and ICT professionalism
  • Digitalisation, jobs and convergence in Europe: strategies for closing the skills gap
  • eLeadership skills for Europe
  • eSkills: an opportunity for more inclusion and fairness in the European labour market – a trade union perspective
  • Lack of digital skills is a universal disadvantage
  • Towards inclusive digital transformation in Europe
  • Digital skills at the heart of education
  • STEM education for STEM careers: tapping into technological potential to attract talent
  • Building a cyber security ecosystem in Europe based on education

here you can find the 4 slides from the “European IT Professionalism Conference – 6 Dec Brussels”

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Digital Skills Index

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Have you already tested your digital skills?

Nowadays, it’s important to know where your strengths and weaknesses lie.
Why should you know your own strengths and weakness?

Understanding your strengths will keep you ahead in a lot of areas. For Instance, whilst you are looking for a job, it’s good to know what you’re good at and with this in mind, you can find a Job which suits you best and will notice substantial changes during job interviews.

Knowing your own weaknesses will give you the possibility to improve them and to find a possible balance between your weaknesses and your strengths.
Econstultancy have a light and easy tool to use on their website.

With this tool, you can:

  • Identify your knowledge gaps
  • Compare yourself to your peers
  • Get tailored results and recommendations for further learning

You may participate via the following link: Digital Skills Index

My results can be found below. I still have room for improvement. 🙂 feel free to Post your results in the Comments.


Digital Skill Index

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Reminder – Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition

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In one week, the European Commission hosts the launch of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition

a new flagship initiative bringing together all stakeholders and Member States committed to reduce the digital skills gaps in Europe.

We will, of course, be on the spot and then report to you.

Digital Jobs Coalition